Country Road.

For over 40 years, Country Road has designed beautiful products for an authentically Australian way of life.

Across Woman, Man, Child and Home, their passion is creating everything needed for a life of modern style.


How do you secure 100% sell through of a product, recut it in an additional colour and have 100% sell through again? The short answer is, work with Lisa Hamilton.

Lisa has been a partner of Country Road’s for over 3 years now having worked across a number of their exclusive capsule collections, denim ranges, accessories and seasonal campaigns but one collaboration stands out from the rest.

Through Lisa’s affiliate marketing analytics we know she sells product but this basic grey Country Road dress really did stand out from the rest. Lisa posted a wrap dress to her website and social channels generating 100% sell through in less than 48 hours. Off the back of this demand, Country Road recut the jersey wrap dress and shockingly sold through again. Country Road have attributed majority of these sales to Lisa.