Sweden-based FOREO is built on the firm belief that creative destruction, not iterative improvement, moves the world forward. Using technology, research and forward focused insights, FOREO creates innovations that surpass the cosmetic, providing smarter and more effective self-care to make your life better.


LMB are proud to have three of our talent as long-term partners of the global beauty leader, FOREO.

Rebecca Harding, Rozalia Russian and Emma Hawkins all play unique roles for FOREO and equally love the quality and results they are achieving from the incredible range of FOREO products.

Coming in at the number one product sold at Sephora, this beauty pioneer has turned to Australia’s most influential women to continue educating consumers on the benefits and undeniable results.

With a collective engagement of over 22.85% it is safe to say these innovative ambassadors will continue FOREO’s dominance in both the Australian and International markets.