Magnum are the Pleasure Seekers. They live their lives to the fullest, indulging in pleasures big and small. Magnum believes this is what makes life worth living, because a day without pleasure is a day lost.


People indulge in Lisa’s content every minute of every day but this notion is at an all-time high when Lisa is sharing her guilty pleasure, Magnum!

Lisa has worked with this global leader across a number of campaigns and was an integral part of launching Magnum Pints into the Australian Market. Lisa, along with other top tier Australian talent held a sumptuous event celebrating this monumental expansion of the Magnum range.

Lisa went on to work with Magnum across their 4th of July Campaign, the Magnum x Moschino collaboration and was one of 4 Magnum Muse’s which consisted of an interstate shoot, social coverage and the launch event which was a surprise unveiling to Australia’s most influential Media.