SKIN by EcoStore.

Get the confidence to wear SKIN and nothing else. SKIN by EcoStore is just what your skin needs. A team that has combined some of nature’s most powerful ingredients, from around New Zealand.

The result? A product range you can trust to help replenish and regenerate your skin. With New Zealand marine extract that keeps your skin hydrated and smooth, antioxidant and vitamin-rich grapeseed extract, and omega-packed blackcurrant oil, this is a skincare range with the power of nature and the backing of science.

Dermatologically tested, these products have your skin type covered. And what’s in it is just as important as what they leave out. Their range is free from anything that’s not kind to your skin, and will always be cruelty free.


Being the face that launched the New Zealand based skin brand, SKIN by EcoStore into the Australian Market was an experience that was as rewarding as it was humbling for Emma.

Emma was in phenomenal company with fellow Ambassadors Brooke Meredith and Melanie Vallejo by her side all sharing the powerful message behind this campaign – throw away your inhibitions and love the skin you’re in.

In collaboration with the SKIN by EcoStore team and AMPR, Emma has continued to drive incredible results across both her digital and social touch points as well as traditional media and leading publications.