The mission at WattleHealth Australia is to provide high quality, 100% Australian made health and wellness products their consumers can trust throughout all stages of life.

They pride themselves on sourcing the highest quality, locally grown ingredients and creating formulations with leading scientific and nutritional benefits that comply with strict international standards.


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Emma’s unwavering and epically loyal following were all eager to be the first to read more about her journey as a first time mother, her parenting hacks and the lessons she learnt along the way.

Emma’s relationship with Wattlehealth garnered results and engagement of over 500,000 across the 12 month partnership derived purely from Emma’s social account and it came as no surprise that Wattlehealth have now opted to extend this likeminded partnership.

Emma is incredibly excited to expand this relationship past the digital sphere and continue to share her ongoing journey and the pioneering initiatives Wattlehealth are continuously introducing to the global market.