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Ashleigh Larden

Finger on the trigger, Ashleigh Larden is ready to shoot. With a unique perspective that cultivates an impactful result, Ash has the innovative skill to transform ideation into creation through both photography and videography.

Daring to do things differently, her ability to capture the imperfect moments transcends her work beyond competitors’. Weapons holstered, Ashleigh seamlessly switches between her digital camera, polaroid and film with imperative timing and ease.

In an industry that is conditioned to play follow the leader, Ashleigh Larden is creating a new cool by crafting memorable video content with purpose.

This Sydney-based creative has worked with Australia’s elite, pointing her lens at the likes of Nadia Fairfax, Kate Waterhouse, Rozalia Russian, Elliot Garnaut and Jesinta Franklin.

From the Hermes Launch Party at London Fashion Week to Paris on film with Hermoine Underwood, to a fast-paced MBFWA with Georgia Fowler. Ash has perfected her craft to execute everything from chic chaos to undone romanticism.

If content is KING, Ashleigh Larden is QUEEN.