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Lisa Hamilton

Lisa is ahead of the curve with a foresight for where things are heading that makes her an unstoppable blend of experience, influence and innovation.

Filtered with a dream like quality Lisa Hamilton leads a sun dappled existence brimming with pretty pastel palettes, too cute outfits and awe-inspiring locales. Evolving organically from a desire to share her travels with friends and family, Lisa’s SEE WANT SHOP fast became a lifestyle phenomenon of Pinterest board proportions even catching the Kardashians’ attention from early on. It is Lisa’s whimsical brand of Sunday style escapism filled with market fresh flowers, home made aperitifs and high street finds that is at once aspirational and attainable.

A qualified physiotherapist, Hamilton has poured her aesthetic panache into building a fully fledged lifestyle destination whose e-commerce platform spans travel, style and health. Today, Lisa is a revered authority in the social media universe having embraced the role of educator to other like-minded talent and brands wanting to elevate their content quality and strategy. Lisa’s stylised wanderlust is much sought-after attracting partners such as Emirates, American Express, Audi, Optus and Revolve to name a few.