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Rebecca Harding

A flawless face, mind, wardrobe and heart - Bec Harding is what dreams are made of.

With a smile as luminous as her limbs are long, Bec Harding radiates health, positivity and contemporary elegance.

A dedicated yogi and pilates goer Bec’s enviably lithe figure is a testament to a lifestyle brimming with wellness. An advocate of local organic produce, aromatherapy and copious cups of herbal tea, Bec’s radiant vitality inspire her legions of fans to emulate her holistic approach.

For all her photogenic allure and fashion forward ensembles the real Bec retains a playful attitude to rival the humour of her comedian beau, Andy Lee. She might be a media darling but Bec Harding is as much brains as she is beauty.  With a Masters in Media and Communications in hand, Bec is well versed in the mechanics of the industry, and thus, a unique proposition of both style and savvy. Striking good looks, serious smarts and a sunny disposition Bec Harding is proof that (nice) girls run the world.