Brand and Talent Relations

LMB’s proven lifecycle of Brand + Talent Relations has become a pivotal tool for brands to gain visibility and momentum. 

LMB do this by conceptualising creative ideas, aligning relevant talent to a brand, producing engaging and emotive content that captivates audiences and maximises a talents direct and flow-on influence through their own channels and secondary media outlets.

With the ability to bridge the gap between Talent and Brands, LMB delivers exceptional results that create enduring Brand moments. By effectively harnessing talent, LMB brings brands closer to their current and future consumers, generating impact and driving innovation within the ever-evolving digital landscape.

  • Structuring Brands Influencer/Celebrity Portfolio
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Talent x Brand Partnership strategy
  • Long-term Talent Alignments + Ambassadorships
  • Short Term Talent Led Campaigns 
  • Design Collaborations (Talent Capsule Collection)
  • Talent Usage + Content Leverage 
  • Talent as the ‘Face-Of’ a Brand and/or Campaign 
  • Celebrity Endorsements 
  • Aligning Key Brand Spokesperson (Media Facing
  • Talent Features in Brand Marketing Assets
  • Implementing Talent as Creative Directors
  • Event Appearances 

Image Strategy

LMB recognises the importance of Image Strategy for enduring success of talent-led campaigns and partnerships. In today’s highly competitive landscape, a talent’s well-defined strategy and distinctiveness is paramount. 

Leveraging their expertise, LMB has curated and executed premium image strategies for Australia’s most influential and highly followed talent. As a trusted guide, they empower individuals to evolve and cultivate thriving businesses from their personal brands, thereby enhancing the Brand x Talent partnerships they foster. 

By establishing a robust Image Strategy, Talent can gain greater influence, maintain consistency and forge genuine connections with their audiences, gaining recognition, trust and reliable engagement.


  • Brand Discovery 
  • Defining Brand Identify 
  • Talent Offering, Purpose + USP
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Future Planning/Roadmap
  • Strategic implementation of Talent Plan
  • Project based partnership pitching and execution

Production + Creative Management

LMB have been at the forefront of ideating and executing successful and strategic talent-led campaigns for some of the worlds most prestigious Brands for over a decade.

They partner closely with clients to align their Brand with the right Talent to produce elevated content and compelling campaigns that achieve a brands marketing goals.

Their aim is to bring client’s vision to life in a way that resonates with their target audience, drives sales and sets them apart in a crowded marketplace.


  • Conceptualisation + ideation
  • Creative strategy
  • Talent casting + management
  • Budget projection + management
  • Production management, post-production + editing
  • Bespoke set / location sourcing + design
  • In-situ event campaign execution
  • Distribution strategy leveraging content
  • Brand safety (including crew insurance + compliance)
  • Measuring success