LMB provides first class talent management for established social and media personas. We know people, we know what works and we know how to guide talent in a way that preserves their integrity and amplifies their success.  With understanding, instinct and inventive thinking we evolve influential identities into an esteemed brand unto themselves.


Imaginative and effective strategy is at the very heart of LMB’s success. We believe in the power of original thought, compelling narrative and authentic alignments to engage, convince, and ultimately, convert audiences. Our blend of trailblazing ideas and pragmatic execution has earned us the respect of clients and competitors alike. With the integrity of brand persona always top of mind, LMB has built a business on transcending the loftiest of expectations.


It might not have been cool in high school but LMB treats publicity like a science – we apply precedent, research and creativity. Underpinned by our heritage in social media alignment and amplification, we draw upon an extensive media network and traditional PR methods to garner substantive publicity across earned, owned and paid media alike. This dynamic approach illuminates brand awareness and elevates campaigns to reap tangible results.


LMB offers professional communications that are hallmarked by their capacity to cut through, retain relevance and resonate with target audiences. Spanning digital, PR, social media and marketing we dream up messaging that’s on brand, consistent and supportive of brand objectives. How you communicate with your audience matters and it is our canny and creative approach that means we deliver copy that says so much more.


If a picture says a thousand words then LMB’s content is the new best seller. At LMB we are masters of the digital universe thanks to our eye for the appealing which has landed us and our talent to where we are today. We offer bespoke short term and long term content plans that can be tailored to enhance and revolutionise any given platform while considering a range of mandatories like themes, trends, marketing/PR calendars, brand aesthetic and tone of voice.