Our Story

LMB are the architects of innovative strategy and unparalleled success in Brand + Talent Relations.

The LMB mission is to create unforgettable Brand moments that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression in the market.

Their team of experts specialise in crafting innovative campaigns and partnerships that set their clients apart from the cluttered digital landscape and industry competition.

Mother-Daughter duo, Lisa and Lily Baker, founded LMB Management in 2013 and were first to market in bringing a visionary approach to Talent Management through the rise of Social Media.
LMB quickly emerged as a pioneering agency known for their expertise in Brand x Talent collaborations and their ability to deliver innovative and tailored solutions that maximised the impact and results for their clients.



Sensing the next big thing must be in the LMB DNA with Lisa pre-empting the boom in high-end homewares back in the early 1990’s. Lisa supplied Australia’s premier designer boutiques with her much sought-after imports, her exclusive range soon becoming a non-negotiable for lifestyle magazines and tastemakers alike. Lisa went on to become the driving force within the finance sector of LMB ensuring the reliability of the service they supply.



Unstoppable in her pursuit for perfection, Lily makes no apologies for smashing glass ceilings. Results driven and growth focused, Lily is renown for delivering unrivalled outcomes for talent and brands alike. Lily takes care of business but she never departs from what really matters and it is this people-first philosophy that makes her unique to the industry.

In late 2022, LMB shifted its focus to the future of Brand visibility and are now servicing and advising their clients on how to secure pole position for the next wave of Brand + Talent relations in the Australian Market. Today, Lisa and Lily continue to lead LMB with their unique blend of business acumen and creative vision. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and future-focused approach has earned LMB’s well-deserved reputation as leaders in the industry.

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