Audi is a German luxury carmaker based in Ingolstadt, Germany. Founded in 1909 by August Horch, the name Audi is latin for “listen”.

Audi’s Corporate Image is noticeable and consistent, including it’s designs, logos, typography and it’s signature of asymmetric shapes and forms.

Furthermore unique ads and campaigns make Audi stand out as a modern and inspirational firm.


With what started as a weekend away with Audi Australia has now flourished into one of Lisa’s most prized longterm partnerships.

Garnering thousands of like, Lisa has a knack for creating irresistible content that rivals the top tier cars themselves. Having a multifaceted partnership scope spanning across the social sphere into events, photoshoots, content creation and travel, this alignment really is what dreams are made of.

Averaging 60.4K impressions on her partnership content, Lisa can drive off into the sunset knowing her audience is loving what she is producing.