Design Collaboration: Billini Shoes

Billini, a renowned Australian footwear brand, joined forces with influential fashion figure Rozalia Russian to create a dynamic collaboration that captivated fashion enthusiasts and elevated the brand’s presence in the industry.

This case study highlights the key aspects and outcomes of the successful partnership between Billini and Rozalia Russian.



Born from a desire to always push the boundaries and offer the latest and must-haves in fashion footwear, the Rozalia X Billini collection brings you a capsule of six key staples your wardrobe cannot be without this Summer.

Labelled by Rozalia as “her go-to shoes for this season”, Australian Footwear label Billini worked side-by-side with Rozalia to bring her vision and elevated sense of style to life as seen in this statement collection.

Inspired by 90’s minimalism, this collection delivers a silhouette of clean and simple styling including power pumps, barely there naked heels, and classic open toe mules in bright & bold colours of the season of pink, orange & green paired with neutral tones of toffees, whites and blacks.









PRE-PRODUCTION: Proposed Campaign Concepts

LMB’s branding and communications team ideated and presented two possible campaign options to Rozalia and the Billini team as an initial starting point to then brainstorm and workshop finalised campaign concepts


PRODUCTION: Refined Campaign Concept

LMB’s branding and communications team then refined the chosen shoot vision and created the campaign shoot overview. Not pictured was the call sheet and run sheet.


POST PRODUCTION: Selects and edits

LMB’s Branding and Communications team then did initial edits with photographer prior to sending edits to Talent and Billini for further notes and sign-off.


  1. Co-Creation of Exclusive Collections: Billini and Rozalia Russian collaborated on the design and development of exclusive footwear collections. Leveraging Rozalia Russian’s fashion insights and preferences, the collections reflected her signature style, combining elevated designs and versatility. This ensured that the products resonated with her followers and aligned with the overall brand image of Billini.
  2. Branding and Marketing: Engaging content was ideated and created featuring the Billini x Rozalia Russian collection, showcasing different styling options, and sharing personal recommendations. Rozalia Russian served as a walking brand ambassador, attending events wearing Billini shoes and providing exclusive coverage on her social media channels. This association helped position Billini as a fashion-forward and sought-after footwear brand within the industry.
  3. Influencer Endorsements: Rozalia and close to 40 additional Influencers provided genuine and organic endorsements for Billini through media content and dedicated social media posts. Her audience trusted her recommendations, resulting in increased interest and engagement with the brand. These endorsements acted as powerful social proof, driving both online and offline sales.


  1. Heightened Brand Awareness: The collaboration with Rozalia Russian significantly boosted Billini’s brand awareness. The exposure to Rozalia Russian’s large and dedicated fan base, combined with her endorsement and content creation, expanded the brand’s reach and attracted new audiences.
  2. Increased Social Media Engagement: The partnership generated a surge in social media engagement, with Rozalia Russian’s posts featuring Billini footwear garnering high levels of likes, comments, and shares. This increased interaction not only demonstrated the audience’s interest but also generated valuable user-generated content and word-of-mouth promotion.
  3. Boosted Sales and Revenue: The collaboration led to a substantial increase in sales and revenue for Billini. Rozalia Russian’s influential role as a fashion tastemaker and her ability to drive consumer behavior resulted in a surge of demand for the exclusive collections, both online and in-store.
  4. Strengthened Brand Image and Reputation: By aligning with Rozalia Russian, Billini enhanced its brand image and credibility within the fashion industry. The collaboration positioned Billini as a brand that values style, trendiness, and collaborations with influential fashion figures.
  5. Long-Term Collaboration Opportunities: The success of the partnership laid the foundation for potential long-term collaborations between Billini and Rozalia Russian. The ongoing association allows for continued brand exposure and the possibility of exploring new product lines, exclusive collections, and strategic initiatives.


The partnership between Billini and Rozalia Russian proved to be a resounding success, generating heightened brand awareness, increased sales, and a strengthened brand image. By leveraging Rozalia’s fashion influence and engaging her dedicated fan base, Billini was able to position itself as a coveted footwear brand among their target audience. The collaboration showcases the power of strategic influencer partnerships in driving brand growth and a significant spike in Sales.